Since the dawn of humanity, every great work, every remarkable achievement, howsoever challenging, began in the mind of one person and has been reached through holding to the vision.
No matter if it was the vision to identify and resolve technical obstacles to the construction of a flying machine, or the vision to exceed limits of previous generations and set new limits in architecture by achieving breakthroughs in design, construction methods and technology: The drive to go tall, and build ever-higher skyscrapers with no limiting core, reflects the courage of the people to believe in innovative visions and pursue them passionately.

The design of the freedom tower is focusing on the philosophy that the construction and design of a skyscraper no longer only needs to follow the “core”.

The new architectural approach to design and construction of skyscrapers is a pioneering method. At this juncture, it is definitely a strong idea that needs to be crafted into real. However, this new approach should not result in a total dissociation of design from the core system of the building.
It is a rather to be seen as a guideline to reach a “formal” dissociation. The new perspective can create a different view on the aesthetic concept of a skyscraper.

15.000 m2

turning the skyscraper around


Wiesbaden Germany





Confluence Center


Ali Yildirim